Real Estate in Marbella, Málaga, Spain. We find what you need

Payment services for the owner

General cleaning - Window cleaning


We'll send you our cleaning staff, they will leave everything as you indicate. If we find any problem, we'll contact with you.
General cleaning and cleaning crystals of all the House, ask budget. Only one hour : 13€ / h.

Home repairs

Give a hand painting, repair chipping of a wall, a water leak or any other small repairs, don't worry, we hired workers, buy materials, translate them to your home and reviewed the final finishes. You only have to give your approval signing the budget.

Prices by full works, ask budget. Only one hour: 24€ / h

Painter - plasterer - plumber - electrician - Carpenter - bricklayer - plasterboard (Pladur) - Antenna

Interior design and decoration - Personal shopper - decoration project

Decoration 3D projects. You can your home with paint, floors, furniture, home-clothes, plants, and other decorative accessories.
We visit shops and department stores with you, or you can leave everything in our hands.
We advise on the purchase depending your style preferences and the budget you can invest, from one room to the entire House.
Guides rates:
A complete room or all the house, ask for budget.
A work by only one day 175€ / full day. Including measures - A work by only half day 100 €, including measures.
* Not including travel expenses (€0.20 /km)

Low cost furnishing -  High quality furnishing- Transport and installation

We are experts in furnishing rental housing and residence. Economic or design furniture. Kitchenware, clothes from home, appliances, decorative elements, etc.

Inform us about your style preferences, your budget, and we'll decorate and furnish your home with the best price within economic level that tell us

We save you time and money - Ask for quote