Real Estate in Marbella, Málaga, Spain. We find what you need

Owner services

Home advertising

Whit your written agree, we'll proceed to advertise your home on our webside and in other national and international scope. Flyers and contracting with especializeded sector magazines.

Dissemination in massive medium as Facebook and other social networks in each moment.

Presentation in National and International Tourism Fairs. Diffusion through Commerce Chambers offices.

Valuation of your property to set the sale and rental price

We offer you a study of the real estate market in the area where your home is located according your expectations. We'll proceed to set sale or rental price. We negotiate the price for you.

Evaluator: If you need an official evaluator we'll recommend various so you can choose. If you are not in Marbella, we'll take care. To agree date and time in your home, deliver the documentation required for the valuation, we'll be with him-her until it's finished.

Taking pictures of the property. Photo retouching with Photoshop

Free picture proffesional report.

Previously, we review your home and if is suitable, we can speak about decoraton. Changing a furniture or a bed-quilt with pillows is little money and enhance your property. Houses with attractive decor, are the first to be sold and rented.

Rentals for long and short time. Deposit

Tenant attract and loyalty clients, reservation management, price negotiation, rental agreements, check-in-check out, home review, cleanliness, laundry, we take care of everything.
Short seasons: Not only we work with investors, also private owners who want to use their homes for vacations. Just let us know in advance your dates and we blocked them for you. We always try to get the best performance. We are very clear with our owners, they are always informed about the bookings.
Deposit: In case of any fault or damage in the property, we'll contact you before to refund it and if you want we buy another.
             Long seasons: Being long periods, the owner is who keeps the deposit.


Housing well maintenance and clean

We inform you if there is any incident. Breakdown or breakage, we can call the technician you indicate or we provide one. Plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, blinds, water boiler, appliance arrangement, is usually the most common. We'll send you the budget for your approval. We'll verify the incident has been solved and notify you.
Cleaning service: we check that our staff leaves everything according to your requirements.

Decor. Little enhancements

Little enhancements to the houses increased its value.

If you need to buy something, furniture, bedline or tewels, accessories, plants, etc., we'll be happy to talk about what it's the best optiones with the existing decoration. We can buy small things and install them in your house. If require long journey as for example Marbella-Málaga, we'll charge the motorway and diesel, 0.41 cents of Euro per Km.
In the case of large furniture or appliances, we take care of agreeing the time with the carrier and send you photos to verify that everything is correct.