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Long term rent conditions


For further information on housing, please fill in the form that you will find on the contact menu, or send us an e-mail to, or call Noemi + 34-607.184.441

Essential documentation

DNI/NIE/passport and a bank account in Spain with sufficient funds to cover expenses.


⇒If you work as an employee of a company:
  • Work Contract
  • Your last three payslips
  • His salary must be higher than 40% of the rent, accepting two or more payslips if you share the housing. That isn't possible, a guarantor  
⇒If you work as a freelancer:
  • Submitting last taxes and at least three latest quarterly VAT
  • In the absence of the above, bank guarantee of at least 6 months of the contract of rent  
⇒If you are an international customer
  • Submitting his tax declaration
  • Additional documentation that allows us to check your capacity to pay
  • In the absence of the above points, bank guarantee of at least 6 months of for rent contract