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Information and conditions for the owner

Conditions rental - Properties sales

Always Holidays & Sun is at your service. In our website you can see that, we are not a real estate as others. We have several "adition services" for the owner and the tenant. We can offer more services if you need.

Look found "services". We offer in the tenant menu .

Homes - image

Today the 'image' is very important in all types of business, that's why our houses have a high quality. Our segment is high and medium-high

Personalised advicement

You'll get the higher returns of your rent without worrying about it

We will arrange an appointment for rent or for sale, and study your particular case, also conditions that you want to rent or sell and the decoration for your web presentation.

Request information Noemi Perez + 34-607.184.441 or sending an e-mail to

Long term rent. Management to hire

Full: You must pay a month fee without Commission to the tenant. We always suggest this one because you have a higher posibility of renting.

Partial: You must pay half month fee by contract. In this case, the tenant must pay the other half monthly

For weeks rent

It depends on each property and we will make an arragement after visiting it

Sale. Management fee

Commission 2.75%. From 300.000€ the comission will be estudied

No exclusives

You will can rent and sell property by your own when you want.

To start work, you just need to sign legal documents that authorize us to manage your home and give us permission to publish pictures on our website and, if you desired, on the international level websites or in social network Facebook and tourism fairs.