Real Estate in Marbella, Málaga, Spain. We find what you need

Free services for the owner

Home advertising

Whit your written consent, we'll proceed to advertise your home on our webside and in other national and international scope. Flyers and contracting with especializeded sector magazines.

Dissemination in massive medium as Facebook and other social networks in each moment.

Presentation in National and International Tourism Fairs. Diffusion through Commerce Chambers offices.

Valuation of your property to set the rental price

We offer you a study of the real estate in the area where your home is located. We'll set prices considering his opinion, for the potential tenant. If you need a valuation for the sale of your property, we can present you an appraiser professional.

Taking pictures of the property. Photo retouching with Photoshop

Previously, we review and if is necessary, advise on the decoration we can change site furniture or a bed-quilt with pillows, they do not imply any cost and enhance your property. Houses with attractive decor, are the first that are rented and sold.

Delivery and collection of the keys - Bond

We delivery keys to the tenant at the check in and also check out. We'll check your home and, it's applicable return the deposit.

In the event of any failure or damage in the property, we'll contact with the owner before returning the deposit.

Basic maintenance of the housing and wash

Includes: Review of the house before and after the arrival of the tenant. We wash sheets, towels, tablecloths, all ready for the next tenant. We only charge the iron 12€ / h.

In the periods the housing remain closed, we air it, irrigate plants and inform you of any incidence.

If you hire our cleaning service, we check our staff  leave everything according how you told us.

Small enhancements in decor.

I need to buy some furniture, clothing, home, plants? Let us know and we will advise you how to coordinate with the existing decor. We buy it and installed it. We only charge the displacement 0.20 cents €/km